Hydro Electric Installation HEI-17/210


Hydro Electric Installation HEI-17/210


The Hydro electric installation EGU-17/210-6322 designed to provide products and hydro-electric energy during ground checks of electrical, hydraulic, pressurized cabin of aircraft, as well as for electric starter start engines.


The Electro hydraulic unit ensures:

- single launch aircraft engine modes «Start 24 V» and «Start 24/48 V» switchable current source
of 24 to 48 as on an airplane or on the installation;

- DC supply voltage 28,5 V;

- single-phase current power supply voltage of 20 V,frequency of 400 Hz;

- three-phase alternating current power supply voltage of 36 V,400 Hz frequency;

- the AC three-phase current 208 V, frequency of 400 Hz.