The Airfield Multifunction Conditioner AMC-24/56


The Airfield Multifunction Conditioner AMC-24/56


 The airfield multifunction conditioner is intended for cooling or heating of height equipment of pilots the conditioned air, booths of airplanes, and also for creation of necessary hygienicals terms to flying composition, to dressed in a height equipment, during transportation in the district of the air field and duty in the booth of airplane.


The equipment of conditioner consists of commuter conditioner of AMC-24/56 it is mounted on the chassis of car ZIL-131 or KrAZ-6322.


Work of conditioner is provided functioning of the basic systems:

- air, adjusted for the fence of outward air, cleaning of him, treatment in heat-exchange vehicles and
serve objects with nominal parameters on a temperature, pressure and humidity;

- freon, adjusted for cooling of working air;

- by a kinematics, adjusted for distributing of powers, taken away from engines;

- working chassis ZIL-131,KrAZ-6322;

- back 3M3-66.