The Air Refueler AR-20-350


The Air Refueler AR-20-350


The refueller is the mobile filling setting, mounted on a separate frame and set on the chassis of car KrAZ-6322 or ZIL-131.


The refueller serves for priming, and also depreciation bars of undercarriage and pneumatics vehicles of wheels of aircrafts the compressed air of side bulbs and pneumatic systems, and provides priming of users of the compressed air by re-executing of him at a temperature from -50 to +50 °C.


The special equipment (pneumatic system) of AR-20-350 is mounted on a separate frame, set on the chassis of cars of ZIL-131 or KrAZ-6322. For protecting of equipment from atmospheric fallouts, on an assembling frame a metallic basket is fixed a dust and sun radiation. A basket is separate on a few compartments,the aggregates of pneumatic systems, control panel, ancillaries and SPTA,take place in which (Spare Parts Tool and Accessories).


The kit includes six air refueling hoses for 10m in length, designed for a working pressure of 35Mpa (350kgs/cm ),rubber hoses with metal braid and tipped to be joined together by a coupling nuts.