The Airfield Movable Aggregate AMA -100


The Airfield Movable Aggregate AMA -100


The airfield movable electro-aggregate serves as an autonomous electric energy source and intended for a feed the direct and variable current of side electro- and radio equipments of aircrafts at surface service, and also for the feed of the electric systems of start of aviation turbo-engines, including in the mode the «Pair start».


The airfield movable electro-aggregate consists of the reconditioned base car Ural-4320 or KrAZ-6322, generators of direct and variable current, storage batteries, transformers, rectifiers, transverters, and also interconnect, protective and measuring apparatus.


For the drive of generators, in a basket six- is set cylinder diesel engine of 1Д6ВБ.


An electro-aggregate is manned cables with plug sockets for connection with the side sockets of commuter feed of airplanes.