High-pressure hoses for aircraft


High-pressure hoses for aircraft

 In this category of the catalog, there are high-pressure hydraulic hoses of our own production, which have passed certification and are made, taking into account European norms and international standards.

These are flexible communications, designed to transport gas and liquid components under high pressure. Installation of communications is carried out in areas where it is impossible to use metal pipelines.
All hoses are enhanced with a reinforcing layer and equipped with transitional connecting fittings, with the help of which, hoses are connected to hydraulic units, aggregates, stationary and mobile equipment.
Each high-pressure hose is tested for tightness at maximum load. This approach reduces the probability of shipping defective products to zero.

How are high-pressure hoses create and what are they used for?

High load indicators are achieved due to the multi-layer structure, the central part of which is the steel braid. We produce the following high pressure hoses:
1.1.1SN. With one layer of steel wire braiding.
2.2SN. Two layers of twisted steel wire braiding.
3.4SH і 4SP. The strongest high-pressure hoses with four layers of steel wire braiding.

We offer a high-pressure hose for the repair and assembly of special equipment for military purposes, cargo vehicles and aviation equipment. The high-pressure hoses are suitable for work in any weather conditions. Working temperature fluctuates between –40 and +80 °С.